Club No 294 in R.I.B.I. Charter Number 2959 15th September 1928



Over a period of two weeks last Christmas Rotarians from Smethwick Club operated a Christmas float around the Smethwick area on most evenings, with a Father Christmas on the float, fully robed in eye catching red garments. The float was fully kitted out with flashing lights and Christmas Carols playing out of integrated loudspeakers.

The float was accompanied by up to 10 collectors, who carried out doorstep collections in aid of local charities.  In addition, Smethwick Rotarians carried out street collections in nearby Bearwood High Street on two consecutive weekends, with a static float on the edge of the High Street, to augment the evening collections.  This not only had a Father Christmas, but also played carols, had flashing lights and a bubble machine to amuse the children.

Altogether the event was a jingling success and £2,550 was raised for charity.